Anony* (Anony503923)

Anony* (Anony503923)

Anony* (Anony503923)
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under 6 feet
never ask a lady her age or weight
The classics of 2020: sweats and pjs!
There's something out there, that's for sure but...what? I guess we'll all find out eventually one way or another. Hopefully, much later.
Heinz 57 steak sauce and dill pickle relish!
I don't pay attention anymore. It's all rhetoric and invention, none of which addresses actual issues so why bother?
That'sa private stuff
Retired and in a LTR with another senior citizen lol
Empty nester, they've grown and flown and gifted me with 3 darling chickadees.


Rumi, Daniel Defoe, Voltaire, Émile Zola, Goethe, Mary Stewart, Neil Gaiman, Robert Jordan, Tad Williams
Old school Bluegrass, NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts
Sinatra, Led Zep, Chris Thile, Nickle Creek/Punch Bros
By the water
Anything spicy!!, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Korean/Chinese, German/Bavarian