victor was right (KF...

victor was right (KFinspector)

victor was right (KFinspector)
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"looking for the secret exit OUT of this place"
i'm occupied mostly with myself
"Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake a whole relationship."
"if you've got to be two-faced, could you at least make one of them pretty?"
"there's only one thing wrong with being poor. you don't have enough money"
who dreamt up THIS question?

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three inches
fourteen thousand pounds
black in the middle, how about yours?
i don't need it yet
i look better with clothes on.
no thanks
see image of equine posterior on profile...
celibate autoerotica
see image of equine posterior on profile...
i've childproofed my home, but somehow they still get in.
see image of equine posterior on profile...


i'm too busy doing my idiotic forum building here to read any books.
should be high capacity
are too flammable
any comic who strips can't be ALL bad
watching people on a screen, pretending to be other people...what a concept.
TV shows me why i should't watch TV shows.
anyone who puts on an act is an actor
3 minutes of great music beats 3 minutes of anything else
let's adopt the phrase, "bartists".
sports-challenged... is extreme thinking a sport?
not a team player.
is that a skin disease?

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