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oh cool, my own journal.

    now i can add even MORE claptrap to my forum that nobody will read, except maybe gary. today is another day in the life for me, my biggest achievement being a trip to the store to get some snus [tobacco pouches, for the uninitiated]. there were all these things i wanted to do this morning that would have made my day fuller, but one by one the enthusiasm for doing them waned. if it were not for the computer screen in front of me i'd look like a patient in a mental hospital, staring straight ahead....and i guess if you could put a computer screen in front of one of THEM they'd look normal. i'm at 600 characters of text and counting; if this were a youtube comment it would be too long.

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      i've orbited around my own laziness, making one full revolution back here to write another slice of wit. i live like a retiree nowadays, going to my favorite spots and milling about. in fact i was in one of them today, but what happened was not good journal material. if i can wake myself up early enough this afternoon, i'll be able to go with my father to pick up my nephews from school, but what will probably happen instead is i'll wake up five minutes too late and grumble to myself about how...