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Smokey Mountains

    On 8/17/16 5 of us Freedom cruisers took an un official trip to the Smokey mountains.  What a great time. Those are the kind of trips that make life worth living. We stayed at a place called ,Parkside resort. We had a 3 story, 4 bedroom "Cabin" .  It was the nicest place I have ever stayed. Our cabin was called the appalachian lodge. There was a game room and Movie theatre in the basement.
    Me , My beautiful wife Dawn, Joe, Jules and dog spent 5 of some of the greatest days of my life together. We went to the dragons tail and all wished we were on bikes, except maybe my girl, shes a little scared to ride it. We went into cherokee Indiana where we spent the day shopping around all the little shops in town and watched two elk bulls sparring in the river.
    I bought a brand new Hillbilly Harley shirt and wore the day we went to the dragon. We stopped at the Tapoco bar and grill for lunch where the waitress dropped Dogs whole large pepperoni pizza down my back. Only had my shirt a few hours. Well the good news is, most of the grease came out in the wash.
    one night, Dawn ,Me, and Dog went for a night on the town. We went into Gatlinburg to a karaoke bar and sang and danced the night away.
    What a great adventure. I look forward to future trips with My best friend and greatest love of my life, Dawn and our fcrc Family. Thank you all for a wonderful trip.   

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