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    Why have I been banned from posting on your forum. ?
    Do you realize you are censoring a legitimate voice and witness of the Holy Spirit?!?
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    Report Violationhoghead1|November 3, 2018 5:38 pm
    Well, I see Ginger has banned me from posting. Just what I expected: more scholar bashing.
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    Stop lying and falsely accusing me of "insulting people" on your forum or I will never visit your place again. I don't like being falsely accused. GOD doesn't like it either.
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    I am a servant and ambassador to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

    I am also called & ordained as one of His prophets & evangelists. - this is not a boast, but a statement of fact.

    Be forewarned of the terrible consequences of maligning and rejecting THE TRUTH & MESSAGE I have given forth and sent forth all over these forums. every word of it has been the Truth, ... including the rebukes to the arrogant & the haters and those {consciously or unconsciously} aligned with antichrist.

    Beware also of the serious consequences of siding with antichrist, satanic enemies who attack both me and what I share. For if you align with the antichrist-enemies against me: you align yourself with the enemies of Christ, - and this is NOT a small, minor offense or infraction in the sight of GOD.

    I have found and have seen over & over again that it is true: He defends and avenges His servants. beware. beware! of siding with the enemy against His servants. for the enemies of Jesus Christ & His Kingdom today are legion: and they are ALL headed straight for hell & damnation. - and they need to be warned plainly. ... at this late hour they need to be WARNED clearly, ... not cuddled or argued with and debated with endlessly.

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    Report ViolationAULUS|June 22, 2018 3:03 am

    So, it would seem that I am no longer able to post on this forum. I was given no notice of this nor reason for it.

    What's up with that?

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    I’m reconsidering my participation in the AAA Bible Study Forum. I’m uncomfortable with posting in a forum where people are welcome to demonize other people, literally.
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    No one is above Moral Law. No one should be allowed to freely attack or malign others.