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    Hi, Maggy: Not a relative, but happy to be a friend. I'm not really a Graf. That's the name of my father's stepfather, Frederick Graf of Hoboken, NJ. he was one of two sons born to Jakob and Matilda Graf, originally from Pennsylvania. Their elder son August Graf, born before they left Pennsylvania, eventually became Postmaster of Hoboken, NJ. The building where his real estate office was located is on the register of Historic Places. Both Graf brothers appear to have died in the 1930s. There could be some connection with your family. Jakob Graf was a butcher. His wife's maiden name was Matilda Feik. If you'd like to talk more about this, e-mail me at seamusmor@earthlink.net . Good to know you.
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    Dear JH Graf, I saw the thread on the message board and saw your name. My mother was a Graf, and thats what caught my attention. Most spell the name Graff. My grandfather was originally from PA. Just thought I would say Hello to a might be relative. LOL
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