jingle! jingle! jing...

jingle! jingle! jingle! (bigyawn1)

jingle! jingle! jingle! (bigyawn1)
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Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

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six foot -three inches (a big man)
hovering @300 trying for 260
like the maid...Hazel
sparse, buzzed, buff
If the shoe fits...
no thank you
I come from the old country, where peasants and gypsies roam the countryside. I am a pale reminder of that heritage and am an absolute American.
Go live in peace, just do not screw me in the process.
fine as is
Almost free.
no thank you
I am easily amused.
I am a man of many words,
looking to economise.


i like short stories and fall asleep reading novels, so too many writers to list.
mostly fiction
i just look at covers
think about the trees!
stopped reading them decades ago
i like lots and lots of them
gave up on them
just watch their movies, but that's it
pretty much anything but tend to gravitate to rock
in no particular order: jane's addiction alice in chains aerosmith REM silversun pickups haydn tellemann mozart joe ely clash gang of 4 bad company pretenders rolling stones the who beatles early rod stewart early elton john pink floyd mute math the police allman bros lynyrd skynyrd my morning jacket ub40 bob marley sublime ac/dc hendrix bob dylan the band early clapton stevie ray vaughn beck elvis costello jeff beck the smiths the specials english beat selector red hot chili peppers jack johnson david gray tori amos bjork depeche mode led zeppelin alice cooper lou reed rennaisance son volt 11th dream day better than ezra cage the elephant jethro tull these are some of my faves. I have over 600 albums and about 400 cds. my Ipod has 4,000 tunes. I listen to online music stations attuned to rock: independent alternative adult.
i used to love playing basketball until age and injury put that pastime to bed.
mets jets knicks islanders
they cleared up nicely, thanks for asking.
Now a habit i just can't seem to kick.