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30 Cliff Rd. Belle Terre NY 11777
May 17
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)
NEVER GIVE UP! You are never too old or too young for anything...Don't let your dreams fade. And Visit the DPHS ALUMNI registration page and keep in touch. Help save the last open spaces and forests around DP and LI and SHOW UP AT THE 30 YEAR REUNION EVENT IN AUGUST 2009

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6' 1
I aspire to be as hopelessly unfashionable and out of touch as possible. It's not my bag, baby!
non- active Catholic
NEW YORKER...AMERICAN of Irish and German decent
Environmentalist / centrist
straight up
Help in the fight to preserve the last openspaces and forests on LI. Help create the Motor Parkway, Ocean Parkway, Commack Road/Edgewood, Sagtikos to Robert Moses and LIRR Wading River, LIRR Far Rockaway and Bethpage multi-use greenway paths. And join me for some events like Bike NY, hiking just about anywhere, NYC explorations or whatever else you think up...


Too many to list... Just no yawnfest romances or soap opera like crap please.
Reading "American Steel"
Time, The New Yorker, Business Week, Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, any environmental, scientific and computer related publications
NY times, Newsday, WSJ, and whatever paper is published locally in the cities I visit
Dilbert, Far Side, Close to Home, that sort of stuff
Almost all, comedy, action, horror, drama, yada, yada , yada Do you really care about what I watch???
News and current events, environmental, political, etc. Discovery, TLC, 60 minutes. I sound REALLY old here. Also like the King of Queens sitcom, Letterman and Leno, Mad TV and STILL watch SNL. I'm not sure why!
Whoever. I'm not impressed by anyone in particular.
still into hard rock/metal/punk/and of course classic rock. Make it loud and somewhat obnoxious! Embarasses my wife to no end. And of course, ANYTHING Bruce Springsteen and the E-street band does... saw them last year and Aerosmith/Cheap Trick last summer. GREAT SHOWS!
whoever does not bore me to tears. Too much to list here anyway...Just stop playing the played out stuff. Do we really need to hear "stairway to heaven" again? ( I still like some other Zeppelin songs, but that one has to GO!)And some rap is now also getting boring and repetitive.
BIKING, HIKING, running, rollerblading, climbing, exploring, swimming, canoeing, basketball, and DRUNKEN volleyball
Jets, Giants, Yankees Mets, Nets, Knicks, Rangers, Islanders, even the Bills. Like I said, I'll sell out to the winners, no loyalty here... its only a game after all.
THE GREAT OUTDOORS..Anyplace you can climb, hike, swim, mountain bike, ski, or explore. And have a few celebratory brews or drinks when it's over! Just let me out of the house baby!!!
Shellfish, Italian food, spicy stuff, HOT Salsa and chips, Dark chocolate, black cherry soda, a pricey steak on my birthday every year, and a nightly dose of low-fat free ice cream with fudge or butterscotch. Serious sweet tooth action here...