Ligeia (LRecio)

Ligeia (LRecio)

Ligeia (LRecio)
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Italy (most of my time)
May 12
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)
Nemo me impune lacessit
(no one can hurt me impunely and be safe)
"Vampire The Masquerade" Loup d Aubray, clan of Ventrue

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- 40 kg
reddish brown
what's on my chair this morning?
None: what's going on between the Lord and I is a strictly private thing.
left-wing radical
straight but open minded
Single and looking for someone special.
Helen Sophia, Gertie (the most affectionate moggy you could find) and Derrick (young, black and pesky tom).
I want a rogue with a brogue, thanks.


Anne Perry, Ellis Peters, Viviane Moore, Paul Doherty, C.J.Samson
novels, poetry and thrillers
BBC History, Focus
The Guardian, The Times, the Daily Mail
Hagar the Horrible, Andy Capp
Anything directed by Michael Moore
Mainly Scottish folk, plus some salsa and Merengue (tipico, thanks) and rock and roll.
Skerryvore, Manran, Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Alastair McDonald, Kenneth McKellar, the Corries, Andy Stewart, Augustin Lara, Carlos Gardel, JL Guerra
football: I love watching it on the telly
Ayr United, Kilmarnock FC, Manchester Utd and I love to watch the World Cup.
Scotland, Portugal, France, would like to go to New Orleans and to Leigh (Lancashire)
I love food in any possible variation: (Dominican, Cuban, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese etc...)and I love red Scottish beer too.