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Harrisburg, NC
August 17
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
Drug testing, Background screening
"You are born. You have fun. Then you die. The rest is meaningless stuff is to make that happen."

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Tall enough to flat foot a Gold Wing
Don't need a dually
Brown, a window to the mind
Salt and pepper. Running out of pepper.
I'm in good shape! Round is a shape!
Sing in a Methodist choir
We can't jump.
Let me ask my Wife
Secure I think, let me ask my Wife
1 Son, USCG, Washington, DC
Let me ask my Wife.


Jimmy Buffett, Stephen Coonts
Everything from Jimmy, The Cannabal Queen Flight of the Intruder
Wing World, PC World, Rider
Do they still print them?
Hagar The Horrable Dilbert
The Aviator
Maggie Valley, NC
Whole Hog Barebecue

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