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SwaMan (swa3)
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New York
December 12
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
Nuclear Power-technical support.
To seek reward from a good deed done, is to lessen the GOOD in the deed.

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of just ONE man....FINALLY!
Blue (red background)
All three of them are brown....ish
Don't speak fashion
Devoted to the God of Bikes, Babes & Booze
Right now?....down, to the right
usually pretty peacefull
Yes: 23 yr. old computer systems engineer.


Sonny Barger, Billy Queen, Alex Caine, Jay Dobbins, Dean Koontz
Ridi'n Hard, Livi'n Free, Fallen Angel, The Fat Mexican, Under And Alone, Honor Few, Fear none, Befriend and Betray
Hot Rod Bike, Big Bike, American Iron, BAGGER
Sixth Sense, Money Pit
Sons of Anarchy, The Shield, MASH
Patrick Swaze, Nicholas Cage
Classic Rock
Europe, Beatles, STYX, Queen
Sturgis S. Dakota, Myrtle Beach, Daytona Beach
If it's dead I'll eat it. If it's alive, I'll kill it THEN I'll eat it!