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Kandy (wfd3wife)
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August 28

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You so do not even want to know.
Whatever color I choose to buy
Fashion....... what fashion?
I believe I just don't discuss.
All politicians cheat, some just get caught.
I was oriented at some point but it was a long time ago.
Very married
3 adult children, one is 33 the other 2 are now 20 years old. I have 2 grandchildren, a boy who is my angel boy, he is 9 and my granddaughter is a wild child and she is 3.
Want to learn Paint Shop Pro, My Paint and heaven knows what else we will come up with, please visit us at http://forums.delphiforums.com/gxaware/start


Janet Evanovich, Mary Kay Andrews, Beth Harbison, Tess Gerritsen, Debbie Macomber and tons others
I love "Beach Reads", I will read almost anything except Harliquen Romance
Redbook, Ladies Home Journal
Oh I read the local paper but it is nothing to brag about.
not crazy about the comics
All time favorite, Gone With The Wind
Private Practice, A Gifted Mind, Grey's Anatomy, Survivor
Sam Elliott (sexiest man on earth), George Clooney, Ray Liotta
Country, old rock n roll, some blues, heaven help me but I love disco
Trace Adkins, George Strait
Baseball, especially the PIRATES
the best college football team in the world.... Florida Gators, pro football... Dallas Cowboys
anywhere my husband is
yes........ food is my favorite.....LOL