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all your base (seamonkeyboy)

all your base (seamonkeyboy)
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the hillbilly borderland backwoods
December 28
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
'no longer available in sober'
does iron chef count? if so, Hiroyuki saki

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6'2- i don't do decimal
somewhere round 220 pound
which one?
which one?
you got the wrong guy
is worth 12 points in scrabble
is that a polite way to ask what colour am i??
sure, I think asians are cute.
i am 34 and i play with plastic toys-what do you reckon??
couldn't eat a whole one
yeah could probably do with one.


anything live in an outdoor festival nearby a cow paddock
is stone carving a sport?? if so check here
just this one- the seamonkey Allstars
i live on the goldcoast-holiday capital of australia