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On Earth !
why u ppl need to know ?? not like u will pay my bills!!
i am who i am, i love myself and if you have a problem with that... thats ur damn problem not mine!
flinstones car

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after reaching 40 my height has not been the same :(
let's not go there!
brown but at times red when people piss me off
gave up coloring it so now it is natural white highlights with dark brown
If i am wearing something BE HAPPY FOR NOT seeing me naked! Trust me! I scare myself at times LOL
what is it to you what is my religion? Are you going to preach about yours? Please don't! I don't preach about mine therefore I DON'T CARE about yours.
I was the result of a woman and a man having their sexy time and I came out .I am human, that is all you need to know.
That is along the same lines as religion. Mind yours and leave mine alone.
I have what I need at HOME! I am NOT looking for tips or a fun time to find what I like or not.
I am taken and not letting it go. We are stuck like glue!
which ones ? the ones that you need to put up with 24 hr /365 days ? All they do is spend your money and then get mouthy at you ?
Hell F*** NO!!!!! Are you insane ???!!!!
I am who I am, get used to it or just move on and don't bother me.