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The Black Hills of South Dakota
February 22
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
Wealth of useless knowledge, custom woodworker, custom rifle builder, high end knife creator, leather and rustic jewelry maker as well as antler art, so guess I'd be some kind of artist of sorts.
When you stop doing things for fun
you might as well be DEAD!

2009 Toyota Yaris, 2011 Toyota quad cab TRD Sport off road Tacoma 4x4, Giant Iguana Mt. Bike

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t-shirts, flannels, jeans, baseball cap and leather hiking or hunting boots.
Private to me, nature and wilderness is my church!
German on one side and Irish / English on the other.
Realist, and reality right now sucks ass!
I deeply love women, most wonderful creature ever to bless this planet!
I have the most amazingly, stunningly beautiful woman in my life, words can not explain. Waaaaaay out of my league, but she loves me like crazy and have never ever been treated this well in my life! She's amazingly intelligent, kind, loving, thoughtful, she's everything to me. She trusts me and teases me about my flirting and all the stunning women friends I have, but would never jepordize what I have with her...
I've had sole custody of 2 daughters for over 12 years now, I'm a lucky man and truly blessed! My oldest is in law school and my youngest is going into med school, wants to be a plastic surgeon. Not sure how that happened, they've made it easy for me, great kids!
Rebel, Genius, liberator...


I really like too many to list here.
I'm always reading and have lots I could recommend, just ask.
Newsweek, Log home illustrated, Time
Black Hills Press and the Rapid City Journal.
The Kids and I are big into movies, have the 60 inch flat screen, 1000 watt surround sound and over 800 movies now, so yeah, kinda movie nuts.
Lots of great actors that have passed and that are still with us.
blues, reggae, old rock, My buddy Jazzy has been getting me more into old Jazz music. It's growing on me.
Too many to list, music is very important and big in our home!
I don't watch any on TV, but love to play softball and like to go see live pro games, doesn't matter what sport.
Always the underdog!
I've never really been on a regular vacation where you go somewhere just for fun. But I have little mini vacations, like going to the ranch or losing myself in the local mountains.
Give me a grilled ribeye, seasoned potatoes and a great salad for every meal!