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Small Town, Missouri
(trust me, we are not on any map. LOL)
November 12
Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)
Small Business/Home Business
"You are your own worst enemy" ~Me
"Until you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have." ~ Doris Mortman
"I am so down to Earth, I may be older than dirt" ~Me

"Though my soul will set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light. I have loved the stars to fondly, to be fearful of the night." ~Sarah Williams

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no comment LOL
anything comfortable
Indian/Irish and lil German
whoever I think is best
hetro, love the guys
married I think LOL
2 plus five four legged kids to boot. LOL
I'm just me. If you don't like the truth....don't ask!!


stephen king, dean koontz, etc.
Love too read, so there is too many to list or choose from.
Better Homes and Gardens, Rabbits, National Geo. Kids, Rolling Stones, Diabetic Cooking, Etc.
Garfield, Peanuts, etc. We love cartoons and comics. Don't know which of us likes them more, the kids or us?
I'm a great big movie lover, so there are too many to list. My genres are horror, comedy, true life, some dramas, actions, etc.
All CSI's, House, Bones, Smallville, Supernatural, Two and a Half Men, According To Jim, CNN, TV, Science CH., History Ch., and many others.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Johnny Depp (Who doesn't want him pirated...WOW), Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Chris Rock, and the list goes on and on.......
Heavy Metal, Alternative, R & B, Rap, Country, Some Classical. A broad musical range taste here folks.
Buckcherry, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, I.C.P., 3 Days Grace, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Etc.
Nascar.....I grew up at a race track, was pit girl for many years for our family.
Chiefs, Spartens (our local school)
Vacation? What the hell is that??
Mexican, country cookin', pizza, Granny and Mom's food....ahhhhhhhhh : )-