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Tucson Aridzona
April 26
Selfdefense / Martial Arts / Karate
Jeeps / 4 wheeling / motorcycles /
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)
Digital and Offset printer.
Knowledge is power, but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing,
ask me how I know!
2002 V Star 1100 Classic
AIS Removed and plugged.
SSCustomCycle Chubby air kit and re-jet.
Cobra 2 into 1 HP pro pipes.
Silverado seats and sissy bar.
Custom crash bar / engine guard.
Customized V* 650 front fender.
Stainless braided brakes lines F & R
EBC Organic brake pads.
Memphis Fats windshield
Progressive fork springs, 12.5 weight oil.
Progressive 452 mono shock rear.
Stabil Duel Airhorns.
Tim.B's PMS Screws.
Tim.B's finger adj. sync screw
Edge hardmount saddle bags
HD Highway pegs
Garmin Sumo GPS hard wired.
Upgraded OEM starter clutch
This character would love a Rocket Propelled Grenade

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Not as tall as I think
not as light as I'd wish
Red…no Blue.
I am taller than my haircut
Jeans and a t-shirt
Less is more
Irish, about 120 proof.
If in doubt, vote out the incumbent.
Straight up
Who knows
Two, one of each


JRR Tolkien, Arthur C Clarke, Mark Twain, Spike Milligan, Richard Bach