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May 3
Freedom, Responsibility, fast cars, quick bikes, big guns, long skis, smart women, school reform, Justus under the law and Free market Capitalism!
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)
Retired ASA / civilian contractor vet, part time ski bum, shooter and FRP Gamer.
Paraphrasing; The weak and ignorant sheeple are free because the strong and smart stand ready to do violence on their behalf!
When I feel the need for speed: 2X '97 Camaro coupe's, one with an LS7 and the other with a Ramjet-572, a Honda VFR-800 for when I need to feel the air in my face and bugs in my teeth, Atomic 224 DH boards for the steeps, a '14 Honda Insight for putting around and a Chrysler Pacifica for long haul travelling.
Throckmorton Remington Davies and his descendants.

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