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5' 8"
Laid back, relaxed... I'm an vegetarian and try my best to avoid leathers so most of my gear is textile.
Agnostic atheist. I am respectful of others' faiths, so long as they aren't forced down my throat and so long as others respect me. Oh, I do not treat the vegetarian thing as some funky religious belief... I have simply made a choice to remove myself from the food chain. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, I will gladly revert back to eating meat and wearing hides as, at that point, these things would probably be necessary for survival. If you wear leather and enjoy a steak, we can be friends... heck, I might even join you for dinner... so long as the place we choose has a decent salad menu :-P
Whitey-McWhitey, here.
In a relationship with an awesome chick. She used to ride an Intruder.
One kiddo; my Son. He's a great little guy. Born in October of 2004 so, at the time of this profile update, he's almost 7 years old.
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