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5' 4"
128 or close
red ish
Jeans, boots in winter, sandles in summer, tank tops and t-shirts.
Long straight hair or ponytail. Stuck in the 60-70s. Old hippie-biker chick.
I believe in God, higher power, creator etc. Not into organized religion, but dont put anyone down that is.
Pennsylvania German descent, raised in San Fernando Valley. Valley girl from back in the days of orange groves and olive trees.
Sorry old hippie thinking. Don't trust the government.
If it doesnt swing right to left, then its not for me
Divorced/Recent Widow. In a new relationship with a wonderful man.
1 adult daughter
G-ma of 2 grandsons
Recently reunited with my adult son
G-ma to another g-son and g-daughte
What doesnt kill us makes us stronger.


Grishim, James Patterson, Laurell Hamilton, Leslie Glass
All of the ones I have read
Martha Stewart Living
Life itself
Forest Gump, Cloud Atlas, Wizard of Oz, Imitation of Life
Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, Duck Dynasty, Real Housewives of Bev Hills
Robert Redford, Stalone, Gibson, Kevin ???? Waterworld guy, Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt
Classic Country, Country, Classic Rock
Stones, Beatles, Who, Doors, Queen, , Blake Shelton, George Straight, Leann Womak, Barbra Mandrell, Riba,
You mean to watch or do. , Wii Balance Board
L.A. Raiders or are they Oakland again., I guess I am supposed to say the Broncos
Australia, Italy, Sicily, Bora Bora, Although I have never been to any of those places.
Mexican, Greek, Italian and Ice cream