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Largest country in America.
member for 25 years. leave after few months due to incessant right wing blather.
management consultant

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I do not adhere to other people's standards of acceptability. Having said that I do not agree with t-shirts under suits. I am indignant about the use of the term "wife beater" in men's clothing. O/W quite free flowing.
Atheist - with passion. And an opponent of mega-churches that extort the life savings of poor people.
Conservative financially / economically; liberal in social policy - as all good, right thinking people are.
open and accepting of all
with someone
I've been on Delphi since its beginning. I've left it many times because I just got totally sick of the slobbering right wing b.s. and hate. But I see a more sane and stable crew now that I've come back after 5 years. Even though they still rant and rave that I'm a troll....when I've likely been here 5 times as long as they have.