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Winchester, Kentucky.
December 24
I have a lot of interests. I love sports. I like playing video games. I like playing Warhammer. I like chatting. I like meeting people who live different lifestyles than me, and learning about their belief systems, and all that good stuff. I think people should use human breastmilk for their dairy needs, rather than cow's milk. I think polygamy should be legalized. I think we as a society should be less dependent on technology, get back to a more natural style of life. I think hands should be open and ready to shake, and not made into fists ready to fight. I think we should make love, not war.
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
I am wifey and Mama.
A Ford Transit passenger van, and a small bus.

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325lbs. No, I am not trying to lose weight. No, Ii don't work out. I tried that. I was miserable.
Take your pick. I like trying out different hairstyles and colors.
I have Gigantomastia and Virginal Breast Hypertrophy, so finding clothes that comfortably fit is a pain. In my day to day life, I just wear nightgowns or house dresses. I do clean up when I have to, such as going to church and what not.

The struggle to find comfortable, affordable shirts and bra led me to begin to experiment with exhibitionism, which turned into living as a nudist for a time in my life. It was pretty cool. I do get the chance to do it every once in a while and I love it. It's very freeing and all that.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. No, I am not interested in hearing your horror story about the "cult" of the Mormon church. The Mormon church is not a cult. How do I know? Because if I was gonna join a cult, I'd join one like Thulsa Doom's off Conan, where "going to church" would be us showing up in our underwear, having an orgy, then feeding the big ass snake in the basement.
Half Irish and half Scottish.
Moderate Republican. Please, spare me your Trump horror stories. He's an asshat, I get it. But, so are the rest of them. There are just as many homophobic, sexist, racist people in the world who disagree with Trump's political views as there are that do. Shit, some of them are lurking right here on Delphi Forums. I also do not want to hear your sob stories about all these oppressed people the government is not helping. (Veterans, Mexicans, BLM, LGBT, etc). Why? Cause I wanna know what YOU are doing to help them? Nothing? Well, I'm sure all these people are thrilled with you using them as a reason to push some bullshit agenda forward about why you are a bitter, angry person who can't contribute to society almost as much as they appreciate being "oppressed by the government". Dick.
Heterosexual. Have I been with girls? Sort of. I've kissed women, and sucked on their boobs and they've done the same to me. It was pretty nice, I'll admit, but I have no desire to go any further than that with a woman. Why? Because that's my boundary level. And please, don't be creepy and talk to me about how you can turn me bi or lesbian if I give you a chance. And yes, that is creepy. Why you ask? What if a dude said he could turn you straight if you fucked him? Oh, that's creepy, you say? Well, there ya go.
Married. My husband and I are polyamorous. What does that mean? It means that my husband are married, we love each other and we work together to be the best family we can be. However, if we meet someone else that we like hanging out with, we are free to do so.
I have 14 children:
23 year old son
21 year old Daughter in law
22 year old Daughter
23 year old son in law
22 year old daughter (they aren't twins, just born the same year)
20 year old son
19 year old son
18 year old daughter
16 year old son
16 year old son (these are twins)
14 year old daughter
14 year old daughter (also twins)
13 year old son
11 year old daughter

3 of my children are in the autism spectrum. Another is in a wheelchair.


Washington Capitals, Washington Nationals, Washington Wizards, DC United, Howard Bison, Washington Generals, Washington Redskins