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DIY Daily - Wedding Reception Seating

DIY Daily - Even though the preparation of a wedding seating party looks simpler than a standing party concept with hundreds of guests, there are a number of ethics that you should pay attention to if you want to hold a wedding party with the concept of seating party. The most important thing to consider in organizing a seating concept wedding party is everyone's seating arrangement. Therefore, you must ascertain the number of guests and make a list of who will be invited. Here are the ethical settings for proper seating.

https://www.thediydaily.com/ - Seats of the bride and groom can vary, depending on the shape of the dining table or the consideration of the couple itself. At the rectangular shaped dining table, the bride and groom sit in the middle of the table in the order the bridegroom sits to the right of the bride, the best men sit to the left of the bride, and the bridesmaids sit to the right of the bridegroom. If the dining table is still long enough for additional chairs, then you can place the usher and other wedding attendants beside the best men and bridesmaids.

DIY Daily - Whereas the round dining table, the bride and groom sit in the focal point of the room in the middle and face the guests' tables. While the order of seating is the same as at a rectangular dining table. Or there are also some brides who choose not to have a table. Instead, they vacated two seats at each table, so the bride and groom could move around the table and mgan any guests present.