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WhatsApp is a popular cross-platform text messaging app that lets you text and talk using only your data plan. The most famous messenger in the world. WhatsApp is arguably the best chat application. The main components of WhatsApp include video calls and voice calls. This means you will be able to contact the people in your contact list who are using this app at no cost.

The best thing about what makes it big is its huge global user base. This eliminates the need for SMS packages. Secure encrypted messages allow you to have a secure chat or group chat. Professional and group messaging tools let you interact with multiple people with ease.

You can create groups and add as many people as you want. Media shared in a group will be visible to all group members. Another interesting function is that it has a built-in image compressor where your photos are compressed automatically for easy photo sharing. You can also join groups created by other people if they are invited to join.

WhatsApp has added some new privacy settings like fingerprint lock to its Android app. This security is only enabled on devices with sensors and running Android version 6.0 or higher. To set this up, go to Account > Privacy and scroll down. At the bottom, you will find the option to lock. Once enabled, you can set a timer for lock requests. Users can still answer calls without unlocking and can enable or disable the sender preview and message text within the message notification bar. All of this and more information you can find in WhatsApp Privacy.

Other important updates include controls like who can add you to groups. Instead of letting everyone add you to a group, you can set it to "My Contacts" or exclude certain contacts from adding you. The saying goes that if you exclude someone, they can still send you private invitations to the group which you can accept or decline.

Finally, the call waiting feature for WhatsApp is here. This will allow users to know who is calling them even during the call. Just like your standard phone call, the user can accept or reject an incoming call while making another call.

Those who chat with WhatsApp for Android late at night get excited. We say this because the latest WhatsApp dark mode is here to soothe your eyes while chatting with your loved ones. Even though WhatsApp is late in bringing this mode up compared to other apps, here are the steps to enable it below and below.

While chatting on the go is a blessing with Whatsapp messenger, you can still enhance the experience by logging into your desktop or laptop. It's called WhatsApp Web. Just open a window on your computer's browser and scan the QR code. You will be instantly logged into the WhatsApp desktop with all your data and chats available on your computer screen.

It allows you to create a business profile with useful information for customers. Such as field descriptions and contact details. You can monitor your customers by brand and highlight interested customers. Quick response lets you interact with customers easily.

Automated messages will engage with your customers even while you're away. Statistics can be called as one of the most important features. This will allow you to view customer ratios and statistics. This, in turn, allows the business to develop the right strategy. WhatsApp also offers enterprise solutions for large enterprises, but this bundled option will incur an annual subscription fee .

So WhatsApp overall is the most used chat app worldwide with almost 1.5 billion active users with new arrivals every day