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Blockgems NFT Trading is a software company focusing on NFT technology – creating products and services to help both NFT traders and NFT projects. We are also a community of like-minded NFT traders, data driven group who use a suite of tools available at Blockgems to be early into quality NFT projects.

Blockgems NFT Trading is a NFT marketing agency which will have various Services relating to promoting both art based and non-art based nft projects. We will be helping provide leverage to your project with NFT industry data. We will also be providing marketing ideas and strategies to bring more followers in Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Tik Tok depending on which mediums your project is focusing on.

Our tools are all designed from the ground up focusing on giving you an edge on every angle possible before the project launches.

Contact us :
Blockgems NFT Trading
Address: 2623 East Detroit Place, Chandler, AZ 85225
Phone: (516) 908-9027