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120 S LaSalle St, Chicago, Illinois 60603 US
January 22
Integra Credit is a Chicago-based startup founded by a proven team disrupting the online subprime lending market with flexible installment and open-ended credit products. Integra Credit is a direct lending company focused on offering affordable personal loans to consumers. Our business model allows us to provide flexible open-ended, installment and lump sum options. You can take out a loan any time at little or no cost. Integra Credit has built a cutting-edge consumer lending platform with sophisticated analytics framework to offer credit products to millions of consumers who need small-dollar, affordable personal loans.
Integra Credit is a no-fee online lending platform that provides consumers with a transformational personal loan service. The online application process is straightforward and the result is access to thousands of flexible installment loans for borrowers regardless of credit. Unlike other lenders, we offer a wide variety of loans for all types of consumers including those who may not qualify for traditional bank or subprime options. This makes us an excellent alternative for customers looking for personal loans in Chicago, IL. Integra Credit is building a lending enterprise that will disrupt a stagnant lending industry and bring a much-needed flexible and compliant product to the market.
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Integra Credit
Address: 120 S LaSalle St, Chicago, Illinois 60603 US
Phone: 855-345-5550


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