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Big Springs, Arizona (AZ 27)
March 27
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)
"do unto others"..... (then "split" before they figure it out and come after you....! )

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173 lbs ( lost 10 lbs recently)
what hair ? ( used to be sandy blonde)
I like pretty girls who are so wild they run around stark naked underneath their clothing
Lake ampib. aircraft ( mine is a 200 EP series) ...then Jessica Alba, breasts...and cold beer..(not necessarily in that order)
north German ancestry..PROUD of being a red-neck American patriot
somewhat to the right of Attilla The Hun (who, I think..was a pussy liberal WAY too easy on his slaves)
I like "girl people" - while the big kids havnt explained them to me...still like em
VERY married...Have NO idea why this lovely lady stays with me
should be properly "gutted" and cleaned before cooking