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New Zealand
From Gen 1:1 through to Rev 22:21

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shorter than hubby
worth in gold (according to hubby)
Sinatra Blue
ginga (temporarily)
if it feels comfortable, wear it!
Born again child of God
attending worship at my place of employment (salvation Army)
Emigrated from Holland to New Zealand in 1971
eraducate poverty and child abuse
Happily married since 1969/1970 yes we did it twice to make sure it stuck!
2 and 4 adorable grandchildren (don't get me started on them there isnt enough space......)
She who laughs........lasts!


I love Christian Autobiographies
see above
Reader's digest and the salvation Army's War Cry magazine
New Zealand herald and Western Leader and a Dutch local paper we get send from Holland
Christian/reflective/celtic/worship/and the Salvation Army Brass band
Kaueauranga valley and the South island of new Zealand
Chinese and low carb foods