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GrammaJeanne (Babebella)
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PA, but inside my heart I'll remain always an Island Girl(LI)
Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)
My granddollies are life!
Love & Know & Be
Love & Go & Be

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five foot six & 3/4
too much & more,though the numbers are mine, not for you
Light Brown rimmed in gray
Brown w. 30% gray
comfortable & clean, skirts and a tee or tank
Believe in spirits,that the fae are just similiar to angels as earthly cousins of angels, that the Divine Spirit of all love and good is what some label as God... not in the old "fear God" stuff. I can believe in Christ, God as Goddess and God and various things, however a person or culture wants to perceive the Divine.
I also know that there is no Hell, no lasting evil, at least by the time this Earth as is ends...& if true bad spirits get as far as the end of the world that they will just no longer Be.Maybe they only get a few times here or maybe just one, who knows.We get more than one lifepath, to expeience,love, learn, do, to be...
2nd Generation Italian American
Shiny Halo Status earned through an enduring marriage since the beginning of 1968
Four grown bio sons who have expanded our family with an extra "5th" son via #1's lifepartner, a Daughter via #3's marriage & their two little girls/ my Granddollies...
Phenomenal Woman by Maya


Medium, Ghostwhisperer, Ugly Betty, Bones are the favorites
easy rock, ballads/ lovesongs, BeeGee anything, oldies from 70s/80s
Bee Gees, Elliot Yamin, Journey, easy and rock & roll folks from 60s 70s are best, as well as some younger
You shouldn't ask!Spinach salads, eggplant parm,calamari,good Angus beef,well made spagetti/macaroni & sauce(s.a. mine),carrot cake, pecan pie,vanilla shakes, Chocolate Wendy's frosties, Carvel Icecream cake, or cho.chip mint icecream sandwiches