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Las Vegas
Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)
Wanna Hug? Live each day as though it were your last.... Word up!

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a teddy bear
Sandy Blonde
Prep/laidback/my own kinda thing
Atheist but I'm hoping I'm wrong.
A Free Thinker
Women, not girls, not those who are undecided about what/who/where they want...intellectuals, ambitious ones, romantics, cuddlers, senses of humor wanted.
None, but may want them someday.
I like cheese!


Vonnegut, Adams, Shakespeare (alas poor yorick), Cornel West, Stephen Hawking...the list goes on and on...if you really want to know more, PM me.
In search of Schrodinger's Cat, Any novel about one of my fave movies (I like to see what happens to the characters AFTERWARDS), math/science textbooks (I love to learn), and anything by a comedian/pundit that I enjoy.
too many made, I don't like them, take up too much space, are just dumps for advertising and perfume samples, I stay away...waste of good trees.
None...see magazines
Peanuts, Boondocks, Calvin and Hobbes, Mother Goose and Grimm, hagar the Horrible, Drabble, Fox Trot (One of the best out there), B.C....well pretty much any of them except For BEtter or For Worse, Sally Forth, Cathy, and Family Circus.
Star Trek/Star Wars (Obvious), Field of Dreams, the Indiana JOnes trilogy, the Predator Aliens series', Love Actually, Ben Hur, I'm a movie buff so there are WAY too many to list...once again, PM me if you must know more.
Don't watch much TV anymore, but I do like a few shows: Deadwood, Spongebob, Roseanne, Fresh Prince (I lvoe that Nick at Nite has finally gotten to the 80's/90's, Two and a half men, Stargate SG-1, Pm for more.
val Kilmer, arnold, Morgan freeman, Larry Fishburne, more in PMs
R&B, slow jams, jazz, orchestral, opera, rock, pretty much anything except that country garbage...where else can you lose everything in one song but still love the USA and it's president? hmmmmm...
Football, baseball, bout it.
Washington Redskins...I don't like any specific teams in baseball, I just enjoy watching.
haven't doen that in a LONG time...so yeah
Anything really...