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To Each His Own
I cannot change the way I am,
I never really try,
God made me different and unique,
I never ask him why.

If I appear peculiar,
There's nothing I can do,
You must accept me as I am,
As I've accepted you.

God made a casting of each life,
Then threw the old away,
Each child is different from the rest,
Unlike as night from day.

So often we will criticize,
The things that others do,
But, do you know, they do not think,
The same as me and you.

So God in all his wisdom,
Who knows us all by name,
He didn't want us to be bored,
That's why we're not the same
~Author Unknown

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single & I like it that way
is delphi trying to provide a dating service???? No thank you


lord of the rings, harry potter, my big fat Greek wedding, pirates of the Caribbean
almost anything I will avoid heavy metal & rap
I am going to change this to a area of people I had the good fortune to post with in Delphi & they have passed I will never forget them Pepe Salty Even though Killa isnt gone she isnt well & I do miss her.