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Da Crone Mama of da Moon! (MamaLaiste)

Da Crone Mama of da Moon! (MamaLaiste)
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Gypsy blood runs thick-- Back in Tennessee~~
I'm tired!
November 12
Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

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color of the month member for many years
I am ME!
uummm... American (otherwise known as a Heinz 57)
I stand for politics
what's that?
single... ready for adventure
4 grown


Dean Koontz; Marion Zimmer-Bradley; Anne Rice; and others that I can't remember right this second
don't make me list them all, please
Yoga International; Psychology Today
Boston Globe; Kansas City Star; St Louis Post Dispatch
what about them??
haven't been in any lately--- that can be seen anyway.
haven't been on any of those in many, many years either... and the ones I was on are not in syndication at the moment.
I have been one and know a few-- so?
classic rock; hard rock; alternative rock; blues; Doo-Wop; light jazz; Motown rocks my world~~
do I have to pick???
football, hockey
haven't been on any lately
anyplace that has a beach and warmth!
I am rather picky