Saffire (SAFFIREM)

Saffire (SAFFIREM)

Saffire (SAFFIREM)
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Southeastern Pennsylvania
September 11
Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)
Chaos... it's not just a theory.. it's a way of life!

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5' 5"
Almost bikini ready
The color of autumn leaves with a few crone hairs popping in.. darn kids
Just me
Open minded free thinkin' pantheistic Pagan
Pennsylvania Dutch
Get Bush outta the White House
1 boy, 1 girl and 2 stepkids


Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Isaac Asimov and many others
Too many to mention
Bitch Magazine
None worth reading
I'm an old Bloom County fan... nuff said
True Stories, Practical Magic, Harold & Maude
Doctor Who, Torchwood
Most everything 'cept rap and country
Project Wendigo, Obi Kaye, David Byrne
Vacation? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! oh that's a good one!