Chooch (RedRidr)

Chooch (RedRidr)

Chooch (RedRidr)
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1st Officer SCRC Burlington Ontario
February 18
1st Officer Burlington Chapter 57
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
It's not the destination it's all about the journey - Go hard or stay HOME!!!
"Hell Bound" 2008 Limited Edition Harley Davidson Street Glide

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Tall enough to get "Hell Bound"
None of your damn business
Sometimes red......
Dare to be different
Sometimes I prey to the Porcelain Gods
I'll try it at least once....
F_ _ k them all!
Whatever is being offered - no Woody I don't want a lap dance!
Married with way too many children...but I have my own Wop made custom cement shoes
See relationship status
Not house broken...approach with caution


It's riding season - who has time to read
The Little Engine That Could
Tattoo and Bike related
Sunshine Girl...I mean the Sun
Who needs a comic strip when Cowboys around
Shawshank Redemption
Law and Order, NCIS, SAMCRO, Homeland
Christie Canyon
Anything but Michael...or Janet!!!
Lee Brice, Kid Rock, Eric Church, Jamie Johnson, Jason Aldeen, Zac Brown Band, Tragically Hip, Lynard Skynard, Steve Earl, AC/DC, Aerosmith
Does Sex Count???
I'm not much of a team player - one on one only (see sports)
Anyhwhere I can open that beast up between my legs (get your mind out of the gutter)
Anything that don't eat me first

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