Ryan (RyanMorales)

Ryan (RyanMorales)

Ryan (RyanMorales)
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Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
December 24
Haunted houses
Scuba diving
Family First
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
Set design manager and prop design for dreamworks productions we do more then cartoons.
You couldn't even lace my chuck taylors on your best day.
If I need to walk over you to get to my goals , then so be it.

My message has always been clear...prove me wrong.
2019 Ford Fusion

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around 235
Simple stuff
Beach time is perfect
Anything Black & And Electric Blue
Its what you choose it to be .. open your mind
I Pray Daily For Aliens To Show Up
Our voices haven't been heard yet !
We the people !
Oh Dam !
Brunette's Rock !
Get You Some Of That !
Oh Snap Lets Do That !
Oh More Is Better !
Find Love & Live Life ...But Take Time To Enjoy The Rain When It Falls.
Can we adopt zombie children ? Is that legal ? If so can I get a couple of them ? Do they need to be potty trained ? Do they do family photos ? Zombies Need Love Too !
This Space for rent... contact Delphi for more details !
Stay Tuned For Further Updates !