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Patchogue, New York
November 29
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
On hundred years from now it won't matter how much was in your bank account. How big your house was or how fancy your car was. But it will matter that you were important in the life of a child.

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Dark Brown
Dark Bown and Graying
Spandex bell bottom pants. Peasant blouses, broom skirts. What my grandmother would call the gypsy look. I usually dress in the colors of the liturgical year. Purple or dark blue, pink, white, green. red, gold, black.
catholic christian
Anerican Italian
right to life, consevative, republican
one child and three grandchildren
Know God Know peace
No God no peace.

100 yrs. from now it won't matter how rich, smart or pretty you were. It will matter that you were important in the life if a child.


Nora Roberts
biographies and historical fiction
Readers and Catholic Digest
Newsday and Daily News
Family circle, garfield
Anything Silent or historical fiction or a good cry your eyes out story
Any thing on History channel, Soapnet , A&E, and VH1 and EWTN
Brad Pitt and Dirk Benedict, any male Carradine
Anything other than Jazz
Meatloaf, Bach, Matchbox 20, Mozart, Some Christian artist David Meece, Ray Bolz, Kathy Troccoli
bicycle riding, hiking
Howe Caverns, N.Y.
Sushi and anything else considered exotic. Once in a while