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Pete (countdjracula)
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May 6
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)
Retired, DJ~ZZDragon ~ @ Seniors Hideaway
If you can't rock with the big dragon , stay on the AM dial
91 chevy ext cab pu, 06 dodge stratus

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when it's 100+ as close to nothing as i can get away with, other wise whatever is comfortable and fits the occassion. Soon as they start to pay me for advertising i'll wear their trendy things with their logo's other wise to damn bad .
white last time i checked
fire them all , elect new ones at minimum wage ,40 hr mandatory work weeks,no special summer vacations,no voting selfs a pay raise, learn how most of the population has to live. To bad no more limo's summer homes etc at taxpayers expense .
females only need apply
46 yr old son, 2 8 yr old black mouth cur pups
If you can't run with the big dragons, stay in the cave. A gallery of some of my photographs as I learn more on how to take a good photographs
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classic rock, jazz , blues native american, whatever fits the mood
most all 70's 80's 90's rock bands

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