Nate (DamnSquirrel)

Nate (DamnSquirrel)

Nate (DamnSquirrel)
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3rd tree from the creek, hole by the 9th branch up.
December 12
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
me at my worst

video of my camaros engine, its loud, turn speakers down

another video of my camaro, loud again
i yam what i yam, which is a huge flirt.
1964 impala bagged lowrider, 1968 chevy p/u, 1968 camaro (build in progress) currently tricking out a 1995 grand cherokee to be my daily driver, 98 subaru station wagon and various and assorted other vehicles im a serious gearhead :D
duh, i play a squirrel

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16 inches from nose tip to tail tip
1.5 lbs
my own fur
mammal, rodent, squirrelican
straight, but not looking
single parent
5 (4 who live with me) one princess, one cowgirl, one scientist, one new daddys boy and a 13 year old young man who im very proud of :)
not looking for love online, been there, done that. im only here to joke and FLIRT.