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USA at the moment
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
"...What good's religion, when it's each other we despise..."~
Brian Molko, Placebo, title song 'Sleeping with Ghosts'

"If we are always to be influenced by other people's thoughts, why in the world do we have our own?"~
Stella Erlynne (Helen Hunt) in the movie 'A Good Woman'

Favourite quote: This is not a dress-rehersal

"Sorry, I'd really like to help you but I can't fix stupid"~
From another chatter's profile (would give her credit if I could remember her nic)

"Drinking alcohol will not make you behave like an asshole unless you already are one"~
Excellent quote from my friend John C.

Personal quotes: "Damn, I'm good..."

"God is obvious"
trains, planes, and automobiles

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perpetual awe at existence combined with humour and affection
pretty much afraid of the f**kers


Recommend: "Sarum" by Rutherford, the fictionalised history of the making of London, from neolithic times to present.
"Enlightened Chill", Ambient, Amsterdam Coffeehouse Music, World Ethnic, Jazz, Orchestral, all that old 70's stuff...
Check out, Alternative sounds from SanFran;, Some bands I like: Urban Verbs, Sound UK, Placebo , Some artists I like: Francis Bacon, Salvadore Dali, DaVinci, Rembrandt