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Wisconsin, born and raised, but love to travel.
February 8
Organic gardening ~ vegetables, berries, melons, flowers. I have a part-time dog named Leo and a part-time cat named Pearl. Love spending time with my two grown kids when I can, one lives an hour away and one in NYC. I do yoga and I like learning about world cultures and philosophy. Cooking, baking, especially anything new and different. Mountain biking, arts and crafts, reading, and online games.
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
Import store associate/social media.
Only dead fish go with the flow.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

The only man worth your tears is the one who will never make you cry.

One day friendship @ Love met one another. Love asked friendship, "Why do you exist, if I'm there?" So friendship said, "To give a smile to those eyes in which you leave "TEARS".
An electric blue Klein Pulse mountain bike, and a Blackberry Honda FIT.

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5' 6"
No, YOU wait
currently blonde and indigo blue
Varies with the occasion...
Raised Lutheran...student of all
Norwegian, German and Swedish descent American
Independent, liberal gangsta
I like my men like I like my coffee...sweet, rich and dark. ;-)
a son and a daughter (grown ups)


Amy Tan, Stephen King
PBS Cooking shows, PBS Travel shows, PBS shows in general
Most anything...always open to new music. Totally depends on my mood.
too many to list.
UW Badgers
Norway, NYC, Louisiana, California, Florida
dark chocolate, coffee, mediterranean food, indian food, organic local produce, Sushi