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Northern Virginia
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
Hand me my lance, Sancho!

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My feet reach the ground
more than I'd like
what little that's left is gray
Polish-Swedish-British (Cockney)-Miscellaneous
bleeding heart liberal and proud of it
If you need to know, you already know.
I can rent them out to you at a very reasonable rate


Lewis Carroll, Spider Robinson; Brian Jacques; Miguel de Cervantes; Robert A. Heinlein; Linda Barnes; Sara Paretsky; Laurel K. Hamilton; Diane Mott Davidson; Sue Grafton; Nevada Barr; a whole bunch of other sci-fi and mystery and fantasy authors
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; Alice Through the Looking Glass; Lord of the Rings; All the Harry Potters; I, Robot; Dune; Stranger in a Strange Land
Model Railroader
Washington Post
Garfield; Calvin & Hobbes; Opus; Boondocks; Doonesbury; For Better or Worse (Why do i like the ones that don't run any more?)
Casablanca; LOTR - all three; Somewhere in Time; The Man Who Would Be King; Young Sherlock Holmes; many others
ER; CSI; Monk; NCIS (got to be - I worked for NCIS in RL), Lost, True Blood, Bill Maher
William H. Macy; Steve Buscemi; Liam Neeson; Sean Bean; Minnie Driver; Sandra Bullock; Hugh Jackman; many many more
ABR (Anything but Rap); classical (especially the Russians); popular; oldies; jazz
Offspring; Ludwig Von Beethoven; Tchaikovsky; Jane Monheit; Diana Krall; Frank Sinatra; Dylan; Joplin - Janis and Scott
Tae Kwon Do
Boston Red Sox; Chicago Cubs; Green Bay Packers; Da Bears; whoever's playing against the Yankees or Mets
Lake Tahoe; Disney Land; Disney World; SPAIN!
No red meat; no salt; no sugar; no cholesterol; no alcohol - basically I eat anything that tastes like cardboard with lots of herbs and spices

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