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October 24
Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)
If it's not life threatening...don't sweat it!

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I have a beautiful 36 year old daughter.

A cute little Siamese cat Pandora that I took because after 8 years her owners either died or did not want her anymore. She is the most loving best cat and what a jewel!
....Unfortunately Sophie passed away and I miss her dearly just like the several before her but now Pandora is here to keep me company and lift my spirits and hopefully I do the same for her.
I am a Canadian lady that loves collecting glitzy siggies from the Delphi and Yahoo forums.

I love to travel and see different parts of the world and learn about all cultures and languages.

I am a true Scorpio and have an interest in the tarots cards, numerology and astrology.

Until 8 years ago I worked full time with 3 jobs and my 4th was volunteer work. I moved far away from my life of 35 years to look after my 92 year old Mum that had Alzheimer's and 3 Dementia's. She has just recently passed away.
So I am now starting a life all over again.
I do volunteer work at one of our National Parks and at my local Community Care. Also I am a volunteer Friendly Visitor.

I love all animals especially cats and horses.


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