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Ontario Canada
July 29
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
Skilled Trade Worker
"If had known I would live this long, I would have taken better care of myself!"
WTF is an RPG character? Anyone? Seriously can someone tell me?

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of rediculousness
860 decagrams
shades of brown
salt/pepper/more salt
boots chaps 4x4
I am a Dodecahedron
Viking Scotch (I'll have a double)
Pin the tail on the Liberal
the kind I like
Married to an Angel
Six, all male, 32,28,22,14,10,8, (stay tuned)
don't listen to me, I might be wrong and then where would you be?


Alice Munro, Ian Brown, John Mortimer, Mordechai Richler
John Rebus Mysteries, Historical Fictions
People, Hello, Macleans
Globe and Mail
Dilbert, Doonesbury
Classic Movies
I have watched no TV for about 4 years now, 4 years now, now 5 years,, my mind has lost it's cobwebs
Very eclectic, even like , some rap music
New country and classic
winter sports, skiing, etc, summer sports, sailing, Long time biker,I have 4
Not into pro sports
British Columbia, Algonquin Park, Blue Ridge Mountains, Texas
Italian, Portuguese,Indian