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Mary (OB31)
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I'm a Yankee defector, my travels have lead me to a new home...Georgia!
May 11
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)
I have a little red headed Angel named, Janine. she was born on May 27,1999 at 4:08am and died at 4:45am. She was 17 1/4in. long and weighed 3lbs. 14oz. She'll never know how much she's loved or missed!
I love you my little Hummingbird, go spread your wings and be free!!
I shall met with you every night in my dreams and we will fly together my little one....Together!

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way,way to much! me?
No thank you, I'll pass
Little Colin, 17 years old, Janine, our angel


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