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In the Mountains of SouthWestern B.C. - Canada
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
Retired, (semi retired) Carpenter, Heavy Equipment Operator, Building Contractor.
I dig 'the family band', wild untouched places, water, blues, enlightenment, small powerful motors, Dylan, classic and muscle cars, exploration, farms, and believe that a man not only is in need of a good pair of shoes but also a bigger garage!

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6 feet+
280+ depends on the season
blue (I think?)
long and brown,Full beard, Just a touch of Chrome
Denim and Leather, baggy tracks around the house
little need or regard for it, Jesus is just alright with Me, Buddha's all good too.
White and Injun, but mostly Canuck
Canuck Conservative, Long Haired Redneck. Ralph Klein oughta Be Prime Minister
Women- young'n'old,short or tall,big or small, I like 'em All!
Single / Divorced /Divorced again/and once more with feeling! 3 strikes, I'm out.
3 grown, 2 girls & 1 boy, 3 sweet grand babies
I like Poetry, Long walks on the Beach and Poking dead things with a stick


The paper ones!
HotRod, Fine Homebuilding, Popular Mechanics, Carcraft, BigBike, Biker Lifestyle, Canadian Biker, WoodCraft, Any Kind of Catalog
local rags and Vancouver Province
Gary Larson is funny
all good ones, some bad ones, 'didn't like Titanic
Sons of Anarchy, DeadWood, Barney Miller, Lonely planet, Sopranos, Rescue Me, The L Word
gotta like Jack Nicolson! and Michelle Pfeifer
Rock/Southern Rock/Country RedNeck Rock
Dead, Marshall Tucker/Skynyrd/Dylan/Jewel/Travis Tritt
Hockey, CFL Football, (I'M A CANUCK)
Calgary Flames/Stampeders
Anyplace a 69 Shovel or 90 FXRT will take Me ..Update... The FXRT and Me got Blowed Up.. the Shovelhead will be pleased next season :)
Like my meat Well dead, speciality, Road Kill Stew.