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Bob (Bobbylee7)

Bob (Bobbylee7)
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Oklahoma, USA
Business/Financial Consultant
The greater the sin, the greater the forgiveness.
The greater the forgiveness, the greater the love.
The greater the love, the greater the witness.
The greater the witness, the greater the kingdom.

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  • Show profile for Len - Spiritest_25_77 (Spiritest_24)
    Why have I been banned from posting on your forum. ?
    Do you realize you are censoring a legitimate voice and witness of the Holy Spirit?!?
  • Show profile for hoghead1
    Report Violationhoghead1|November 3, 2018 5:38 pm
    Well, I see Ginger has banned me from posting. Just what I expected: more scholar bashing.
  • Show profile for Len - Spiritest_25_77 (Spiritest_24)
    Stop lying and falsely accusing me of "insulting people" on your forum or I will never visit your place again. I don't like being falsely accused. GOD doesn't like it either.
  • Show profile for Spiritest_Lenbenhear123 (Spiritest_78)

    I am a servant and ambassador to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

    I am also called & ordained as one of His prophets & evangelists. - this is not a boast, but a statement of fact.

    Be forewarned of the terrible consequences of maligning and rejecting THE TRUTH & MESSAGE I have given forth and sent forth all over these forums. every word of it has been the Truth, ... including the rebukes to the arrogant & the haters and those {consciously or unconsciously} more
  • Show profile for AULUS
    Report ViolationAULUS|June 22, 2018 3:03 am

    So, it would seem that I am no longer able to post on this forum. I was given no notice of this nor reason for it.

    What's up with that?