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East Moline, IL

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July 30
Sewing, Cooking, posting on my Forum, THE LIGHT WITHIN, Playing Farm Town on Facebook - if I have any spare time.

I also loved visiting my remaining 3 children and my 6 grandchildren - before Covid. The only one I see now is my Grandson to my third child. Covid has us unable to do much of anything now.
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
Arts/Entertainment -Retired Minister's wife. I miss all our church members back in PA. We retired from Baptist Church Planters around 6 years ago.
At the birth of her first child, a woman becomes a mother --
something totally different from what she was just moments before.
Act as if your mother is right behind you because someone's mother always is.
AND...our children can con us into doing things for them by saying, "But it's so much better when you do it, Mom."
Tell your loved ones today that you love them. You never know what tomorrow holds. Tomorrow it may be too late.

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4 ft. 11 inches tall
ha, ha.
light blond
I am a Seamstress. I used to make most of my own clothing and also sewed for my family - even the men. I try to wear modest clothing for myself as I believe that is how a Born-Again child of God should dress.

Actually it does not matter which Denomitan you belong to as long as it you have personally accepted Christ as Personal Saviour and are trying to live for Him to the best of your ability.
Scotch-Irish, Dutch and German.
I have been married to a Baptist Minister for 61 years now. We were called of God to minister to rural churches who needed a Leader. We first served with a Group called Village and Rural Missions out of MO. Then we were with Baptist Church Planters out of Ohio.

We retired about 6 years ago, due to my husband's poor health.
four (2 boys, 2 girls)

Editing here:

In December of 2016 I lost my first born son to Cancer. So now we only have 3 living , children. I don't think I'll ever get pover the death of my son, Warren, Jr. He helped so many people in his lifetime. He not only was so good to my husband and myself - but while we were at his Memorial Service in February of 2017 so many of his hundreds of friends came to me telling me how much he helped them.
Editiing again- Aug. 8th., 2021 - In May of this year I lost my husband to Covid, after he entered a Rehab facility for physical therapy for surgery for a broken hip. He was in a very weakened condition, and had only had 1 Covid protection shot. When the second shot was given at one of our local Grocery Stores he was in the Nursing Home facility. He'd only been there a few days when he contracted Covid from a Staff member.

Feb. 9, 2022 -Editing again - I moved to a Sr. Apartment facility on Dec. 6th, of this year - Prior to this I was living with one of my children. Right now it's just me and my little dog, Lacey. We are very happy here, and getting along well.


Charlotte Armstrong
The Holy Bible
Good Housekeeping
Old classics, (EspeciallyGone with, the Wind, What About Henry, All of the Indiana Jones, movies, The Long Journey
HGTV - flipping houses, Hallmark Christmas movies
Harrison Ford, Shawn Connery
Church Hymns, Classical, music from the fifties
IL Divo
Pittsburgh Steelers
Chili Dogd, Shrimp and baked potatoes are my favorites., Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Tossed Salads