Wiz (daystar104)

Wiz (daystar104)

Wiz (daystar104)
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over there or sometimes over here
July 29
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
Retired. and like this job better than any one I ever had.
I was born in 1939 But They do not put year in the place
of date of birth.
Why can I not change the damn picture in my profile. ????????

They kicked my nick name out which was Wiz Damn
Sister Divine Mace of Hope

Wiz has been me since I was on these forum
and some genius Messed me up
I want my Wiz back I want my Wiz back Oh woe is me
or should I say Wiz is me.

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Use to be 5 6 now am 5 4
big a lot of pounds.
hazel not a name my eye color
Gray white some brown
the most confy things I can fine in the closet that are clean after a shower.
Style Hey for Gosh sake I am 70 I do not need a fashion statement I am one.
Roman Catholic and I think that Jesus left us a really great religion but we human did a great job in screwing it up
Irish for 400 years from Dad whoes was kicked out of Scotland by the fist Liz and Mom all Irish so you can say I am really
Irish with a history.
I am a liberal democrat. and I hope I am dead before another Repug get into the White house.
At this stage of my life who cares
I am fat and ugly and I have enough trouble walking without worrying about sex.

What concerns me is why was the question necessary
I hope some day it will not make a different the idea of
some kid killing themselves because they will not be accept
because they are gay makes me down right sick. We are
all God's children He made us and He loves us and He Must
of had a good reason for making Gay people.
If He made them He loves them
I do not find them any different then the rest of us.
except they like people of the same sex as themselves
and it really is no ones busness but theirs. Period
Single and staying that way to the grave
I buried my husband 17 years ago after I had him all broken in and he dies really ticked me off Train a new one forget its too much work.

WELL udate on death of husband will be in May of 2011
God thought I would make a lousy mother but a great aunt so No kids but got tons of nieces and nephews and grand Nieces and nephews and great neice and nephews. It really wild when you have nieces and nephews that are grand Parents.
One day a time is easier Progress not profections. I could give a shit if you like me or not. Take me as I am or the hell with it. Go buy at some other store if you do not like the product here.


any one of his books
quilt mag./crossword books.
the one s on the internet as long it isn't Fox news. It lies it lies it lies.
the Shawshark redeemption
X files / Long gunmen/star trek series
rock to opera.
Selena Dion/ Della Reese
Like to watch for real not on TV.
anywhere but here
meekmork on a bun. Tossed Hammie on a roll apple pie and ice cream.