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February 24
Music music music, movies, camping , fishing, DRAG RACES wooo hoooo wheres my V8 winks, my dogs Maggie ~n~ Brandy. and... :) dancing, singing.... while...
PROUD Streamer ~ Rockin at the Dragons Lair ... DJ~Sunny

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
Book keeper at a local Lumber Yard and riden on muh Harley as often as possible :)

Life is to short, break the rules,its to short for drama or for petty things. So kiss slowly, laugh insanely,love truly and Learn to forgive quickly, never ever forget or regret anyone or anything that ever made you smile!

Before you think of Yourself think of someone else it will make you feel.

Fat Fish Pub !!! ROCKS THE BLUES !!!
Galesburg, IL. if your ever there stop in and seem'em... you wont regret it !!!
Buick LaSabre - Green, kickin sterio and all the extra's she's a jamin cruisaaa :)
and .. I toadya Id get one sumday :) shes a ..'99 Harley ElectraGlide Classic Red Fully dressed wiff hard bags and trunk ~ See ya on da open road Toad :)

and someday :) and a HOT RED Mustang fully packed w/ kickn sterio and that thingy that helps find wher ya is going, and a PUURRRRty soundin duel exhaust..oh ya does that come with a V8, winks.
I dont play roles ~ I dont play games ~ so dont play me ~ well unless .. bats lashes ... nawwwww dont play me then either !

I'm Just Me ~

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it shudnt matter
At home, give me my oversized Harley T-Shirt muh fav underoos, barefeet or my flips flops,in the winter my fav warm sox or muh MukLuks~ but when I have get "dressed".. winks ..to be me in the outside world, it's muh fav jeans, T-Shirt( Harley most of the time or a Concert T or jus sumin kaaraazzyyy ) or nice top, flip flops/sandles or muh fav Harley boots/shoes, unless I can go barefoot :) I dress up when need be... but am more comfy in muh jeans and T's :) and thats T's for Tshirts not Thongs ewwww ya never see this girl in a thong UGH ! Butt floss, just cant see it ! Mystry is sooo much beta ~ *winks*
Just Me ~ Irish :)
Im for the PEOPLE ! Blue Collar, Hardworkin. get ya hands dirty, break a nail, sweat be wore out at the end of the day,some days totally frekin exhausted ! That takes pride in being all you can be and all you really want is (not jus good pay ) but recognition of being a good American !and helping build a great nation ~ Those are the kind of People we need in Politics !!! For the People ! and for the well being of others and this Great Planet and Country we live in !!!We need to build it enjoy it and savor it ! NOT distroy it with excessive pollution, wars and greed and just plane stupidity ! But im kinda thinkin its to late ??? God Bless the USA !
" What " ???? I need help on this one ??? .... Theres a class for this ? well I've been gettn riped off !!! so when are these Ortentation meeting's and who's been holdn out on me ??? :( if Ive missed the next sign up no worries get back to me on this, K... anyway Ive been doing pretty good on my own... you can give muh seat to sum1 that need's it *winks* Ill get back to you if I need help ~
I have a sumwhat good realtionship with myself I think... we do argue at times tho whewww !I jus hava lil talk with muhself and we work it thru :) Most the time Im muh own best friend, these days its hard to trust anyone else ~ I make myself laff alot thats a good thing lolll but for the most part Im good, No worries~ I will schedule a meeting with me next week and get back to you on this.....
1 WONDERFULLY sweet Son, Tim.
Who I love with all my heart and soul.. I do beleive we are soul mates of some form because life brought him back to me... Love you Tim ox
You can say what you want about me, you can do what you want to me, but you can not STOP ME ! I've paid, MY due's.