Desdemona - Friend t...

Desdemona - Friend to Drunken Marmosets (SORAYAJ)

Desdemona - Friend to Drunken Marmosets (SORAYAJ)
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Southest of Disorder
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
Currently Outsourced by a Right-wing Republican Company.

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Not too tall.
Enough to work with gravity.
Blonde (let's not notice the start of gray!)
Classic/Casual....I should probably care more.
Go to get bent Upchuxx.
Left of Center only because I really don't care what people do with other conscenting adults or to themselves....I just don't want to have to pay for irresponsible behavior, while still thinking that society needs to offer a safety net for those that need it.
Straight.....just the way I am hardwired.
Married....happily's scary.
One teen daughter....what is even scarier then a happy marriage is that I am enjoying having a teen around!